Greetings, it is my hope that all continue to support our lodge. In addition we hope that you use this web site as  a tool to acquire additional information as needed related to our lodge and the fraternity.

"Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer believing, ye shall receive"  ​

                                           Matthew 21:22
Antwane  Brooks -  Worshipful Master William T. Boyd #79

               ​"Continue to rise as we continue to lift others"


Meeting times
Stated Night - 1st Tuesday of the Month
Work Night - 3rd Tuesday of the Month

From the Worshipful Master,

Welcome to William T. Boyd #79 a Prince Hall Mason lodge, we are located at 14402 Kinsman Ave Cleveland, Ohio 44120

           Masonry is one of the world's oldest and largest fraternal organization, and is based on the belief that each man has a responsibility to help make the world a better place. Through our culture of philanthropy, we make a profound difference for our brothers, our families, our communities, and our future. A man who strives to improve himself can also improve his community and the world at large. This is the mission of the William T Boyd Lodge #79. Through Masonic principles and tradition, we foster personal growth and improve the lives of others.

Master Mason Award Dinner Dance

October 12, 2019 

Celebrating 100 Years 

a profound difference "

Together we make